Monday, June 18, 2012

A Father’s Day Poem for My Husband

Lovingly you lead
Our family every day
Righteously you guide
Your example points the way
Courageously you stand
For truth and what is right
Honorably you serve
the Lord with all your might
Patiently you teach
Imparting what you know
Graciously you correct
God’s love to us you show
Mightily you labor
Providing for each need
Sacrificially you extend
Your time and energy
Valiantly you protect
In fighting any foe
Humbly you respond,
…“It’s by God’s grace alone
Generously you give
Undivided attention and love
Spiritually you challenge
Your eyes stay fixed above
Biblically you counsel
Pointing to the One
Boldly you proclaim
The Gospel through His Son
Consistently you pray
Every burden, every care
Faithfully you read God’s Word
And of its Truth you share
Quietly you listen
To every word that’s said
Tenderly you give kisses,
As you tuck each child in bed
Kindly you display
Compassion to us all
Playfully you demonstrate
How to kick a soccer ball
Energetically you accomplish
Each task there is to do
Zealously you live
The life God has called you to
Prayerfully, I thank the Lord
...For all He’s enabled you to be
Wonderfully sweet; music to my ears
To hear our children call you
Happy Father’s Day!

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.  (Psalm 37:23)




  1. I know what you meanm he is my beloved son > Happy wonderful years ahead with your little ones.

  2. oh Rachel, how you captured him so well.....i´m wiping all kinds of tears in reflecting on these words.


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