Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days of Support for Your Special Needs Parenting Journey


Welcome to 31 Days of Support for Your Special Needs Parenting Journey!

I’ve been blessed with three beautiful children, the oldest of whom has special needs

My desire is to share what I’m learning in my own personal journey of special needs parenting, encouraging others walking a similar path

If you’re not the parent of a special needs child?  You’ll be able to catch a glimpse into the world of special needs parenting, receiving insight into how you might be able to reach out to support them.


Here’s a Sneak Peek into the series…

  • Support in the Journey: Accepting Help and Utilizing Resources
  • Weary in the Journey: Encouragement for the day to day struggles
  • The Balancing Acts of Special Needs Parenting: Solutions for difficult questions/situations
  • Dangers in Special Needs Parenting: How to Guard Against Them
  • Moments on the Journey: Personal, heartfelt stories offering hope and inspiration
  • Learning along the Journey: The importance of educating and equipping yourself
  • Supporting Each Other in the Journey: Friendship and involvement in the special needs community
  • Focusing on Fathers: My husband sharing his perspective as a special needs dad
  • Giveaways

Whatever your journey, you're invited to follow along! 

Click on a link below:

Day 1—This Journey Our Life {An Introduction}

Day 2---Embarking on a Journey

Day 3---Accepting Your Path

Day 4---A Crucial Step {The Importance of Early Intervention}

Day 5---The Place Where All Are Welcome {Five Minute Friday}

Day 6---Weekend Wrap-Up {Special Needs Links}

Day 7---A {Sunday} Scripture

Day 8---Receiving Support from Others {Friends and Family}

Day 9---The Importance of Joining a Support Group

Day 10---Three Different Types of Support Groups

Day 11---The Mystery of You: Communication Struggles {A Poem}

Day 12---On Choosing Life {Five Minute Friday}

Day 13---Weekend Wrap-Up {Special Needs Links}

Day 14---A {Sunday} Scripture

Day 15---The Importance of Friendships Within the Special Needs Community {part 1} 

Day 16---The Importance of Friendships Within the Special Needs Community {part 2}

Day 17---Supporting Each Other in the Journey {Dangers of Comparison in Special Needs Community}

Day 18---Nurturing Your Marriage Along the Journey

Day 19---Taking Time to See {Five Minute Friday}

Day 20---Weekend Wrap-Up {Special Needs Links}

Day 21---A {Sunday} Scripture

Day 22--Learning from Others Walking the Journey

Day 23--Book Review: A Different Dream for My Child

Day 24--Book Review: Different Dream Parenting

Day 25--An Interview with 3 {Special Needs }Moms

Day 26--GIVEAWAY {Finding Glory in the Thorns, book and Nothing Is Impossible, CD}

Day 27--Weekend Wrap-Up {GIVEAWAY Links}

Day 28--A {Sunday} Scripture

Day 29--4 Dangers in Special Needs Parenting

Day 30--Broken Hearts Along the Journey

Day 31--My Greatest Support




  1. Hi Rachel! What a wonderful topic. I know this will help so many moms. Excited to follow along.

    1. So glad to meet you, Jessica--glad to have you follow along! =)

  2. I look forward to reading more. My youngest has special needs and it's always great to see how others are doing on their journey.

    1. Yes, I think we can learn so much from one another as we walk similar journeys. Glad to have you follow along! =)

  3. Glad to see this topic, which is close to my heart as well. I have 2 sons with special needs, which I am blessed with but at times gets so challenging for me, since I am at home with them everyday. There is never enough support and education that us mothers can give to one another. I am also doing a series but mine is on raising a large family in today economy. Feel free to stop and say hi.

    Look forwards to reading and getting to know you more. :)

    1. Nice to meet you! Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and I hope the series will be a blessing to you.

      Enjoyed stopping by your blog as well, and following your series. =)


  4. We are blessed to have a special needs son and I am thankful for your encouragement.

    1. Thank you for taking time to stop by...and for your kind comment. I've been blessed in meeting other parents and looking forward to following along in your journey!

      Blessings to you,

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