Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: My favorite {Special Needs} links from the week


Beginning today, I’ll be sharing links to a few of the posts I’ve stumbled across throughout my weekly reading, each pertaining to special needs. They won’t be in any particular order or category, just those I found most helpful or encouraging.  I also plan to share the most popular post of the week here at This Journey Our Life, which will be based solely on number of views.

Around the Blogosphere

I loved reading this post by Shannon Dingle (the works of God displayed) outlining the eight Bible verses she uses (and one she doesn’t) for special needs ministry in church.

Though Gillian Marchenko wrote this post to parents not ready to celebrate their child’s Down syndrome, it can be applicable to every parent walking the special needs journey.  We all process the diagnosis differently, in our own time.

I participate in the Love That Max weekend link-up every Friday and have enjoyed meeting other parents walking a similar journey. You should check it out!

Over at Different Dream website, Jolene Philo (author of Different Dream Parenting) shares why she advocates for children with PTSD.

Katie is sharing her brother’s story as part of the 31 Days Series challenge. This post shares the sweet story she wrote during her elementary school years, in honor of her brother (who has Down syndrome).

Around Here

31 Days of Support: Embarking on A Journey (the day I found out my daughter was blind) was this week’s most popular post.

From the list above, which one did you enjoy most?  I’d love to hear, so feel free to leave me a comment! =)

Happy weekend!


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