Monday, April 29, 2013

Walking by Faith: Our journey continues...

Last year, after receiving the news of Cami’s more recent diagnosis we continued on with another search. Our goal was to find an educational environment that would allow Cami to develop to her fullest potential while providing the necessary tool and resources appropriate for her needs.  

Last week, I shared that Cami was placed in a resource room for the 2012-2013 school year.  This placement was simply the first step in implementing an important decision we had made regarding her education; it was a temporary solution until we determined what environment would best suit all of her needs.

In our quest to find the right school for Cami, we plunged into conducting our own research. We discussed options with specialists, read countless materials of information, researched online, visited several different schools, and spoke with a variety of people experienced in working with children who have needs similar to that of Cami’s. 

Each person that we talked with had no previous knowledge of what had been discussed in our separate conversations with others, yet a recurring suggestion continued to be made. As we weighed the information we had gathered against our own personal observations and first-hand experience, one fact continued to stand out above the rest. 

Though it’s undeniable that Cami has additional needs surrounding her more recent diagnoses, we had to acknowledge the fact that many of her struggles stem from a result of her primary disability.

Suddenly, the answer became clear.   

She needed to be in an educational setting that was able to provide the proper supports, tools and resources directly related to her vision impairment, while offering a learning atmosphere appropriate for the needs surrounding her secondary diagnoses as well.

We realized that recurring suggestion needed to become a reality. 

Throughout our quest for answers we asked the Lord for wisdom.

And He gave.

We asked him to clearly guide us.

And He led.

After much prayer, the Lord has confirmed to us that His will for the next step in our lives is to move to South Carolina in order to allow Cami the opportunity to attend the South Carolina School for the Blind as a non-residential student. We will be moving June 1.

We are stepping out in faith, trusting the Lord to meet our needs in providing a job for Rudy and we are excited to see how He will.  We ask that you’d pray for that along with us.

Please also pray for the overall transition into a new home and new school (for Cami).  If you’ve been reading along for any amount of time you know that she doesn’t handle a change of routine or changes in general very well.  We’ve already begun to prepare her as best we can but it’s hard to say how it'll go until it happens.  Please also pray for Lucas and Sophia to adjust to all of the changes this will bring for them as well.

We rest in knowing the Lord has faithfully guided every footstep, clearly marking the path He wants us to take.  Placing one foot in front of the other in faith, we are thrilled to follow Him into the next phase on this journey, our life.

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