Thursday, April 4, 2013

when raising your {special needs} child seems mundane

It's been kind of quiet around here because I was enjoying our Spring Break!   We spent a week visiting family in North Carolina while enjoying a much needed time of relaxation. 

It was refreshing.

Well, except for the trip to the emergency room. 

Surprisingly, it wasn't one of my children this was me.   A CT scan confirmed the source of my severe pain was from what we had suspected: a kidney stone. 

As I lay on the hospital bed writhing in pain, I couldn't help but think of all the families whose lives are affected daily by a loved one's chronic pain or the parents whose child is hospitalized indefinitely.

Thankfully, after only 3 1/2 hours I was able to head home armed with a prescription for pain medication for any future episodes along with an invaluable lesson.

One trip to the ER made me realize how much I had begun to take for granted. Though Cami has her fair share of struggles, these days the majority of them don't directly affect her health or require urgent medical care. Because she hasn't had to be hospitalized in several year I've grown comfortable, assuming that we're past that stage of life.   

I had forgotten what a gift the ordinary days are, allowing myself to consider them mundane.

But that day in the ER caused me to remember the prayers I'd whispered long ago, when I'd said I'd give anything for an ordinary, uneventful day.
And every day we live such one--


Your Journey:  What is something that has helped you avoid taking ordinary days for granted? Feel free to share your heart in the comments!

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