This Journey Our Life


Hi, I’m Rachel—a child of God who considers it a great privilege to be the wife of my sweet husband and mom to our four beautiful children.   I have strong Mid-western roots, lived in the D.C. metro area for almost a decade, but will always claim North Carolina as home.  Currently, I reside just over its border in South Carolina.  I delight in the little things such as adding to my shoe collection, writing in journals, playing the piano, taking family walks, drinking a good cup of coffee and reading memoirs.

A Journey.

As I took my first steps into motherhood over ten years ago, I was unaware of the journey that lay ahead.  This journey has taken me along rough terrain marked by unexpected twists and turns:  I’ve scaled atop treacherous mountain peaks and rested by the cool waters in a valley’s meadow; I’ve survived torrential downpours from merciless storms to behold the radiant rainbow painting His promise in the sky.   In every footstep, God’s love has illumined my pathway.

A Story.

Ever since I was young girl, I’ve loved books. There is something magical about stories that are woven throughout the pages and chapters of a book by the thread of singular letters and words. I believe God is the Divine Author of my story and He weaves all things together beautifully with the thread of His grace.

Here in this space I plan to tell my story as it continues to unfold, while listening as you choose to share yours. Will you join me for the journey?