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Life on Bedrest...


Well since I'm going into my 5th week of bedrest on Monday, I thought I would share a little about what it's been like so far.

First of all, bedrest is nothing new to me, and in some aspects it's a little easier this time around. Let me explain....

When I was pregnant with Cami, I was sent to the hospital at 18 weeks, 2 days after the doctor discovered I was 3cm dilated!!! Shortly thereafter I learned I had an incompetent cervix...two words that will be forever etched in my mind and affect every future pregnancy. Since I was already so far dilated the only option was to stay on complete bedrest in the hospital---no, I wasn't even allowed out of the bed!!! This may seem hard to comprehend (and trust me, I asked the doctor for ANY other options!) but when the only options they were suggesting included terminating my precious baby's life...I knew I would be willing to endure the bedrest because I had no other choice! By God's grace, He allowed Camelia to stay inside of me just long enough so that she was able to survive, although it was only through His miraculous healing since doctors only consider 25 weeks the beginning of viability, and Cami was born at 23 weeks,1 day!

Praise the Lord after a six month stay in the hospital, and many more obstacles even after she came home Cami is now a very healthy, energetic 3 year old!

Now that you know a little about my history (trust me I shortened the story!), I will get back to my original thoughts of life on bedrest...

This time around since my doctor knew my history/diagnosis firsthand, he had me get a cerclage (a stitch basically) placed at 14 weeks, to act as a safeguard, and try to keep my cervix closed. It isn't a guarantee and my ob believes in being proactive as possible, by doing all WE can to ensure this baby does stay inside for as long as possible. So beginning at 17 weeks he put me on "modified bedrest" at home. A lot of people have a different idea/definition of what they think bedrest might be and I am not saying they are wrong, I can only give you the definition (or "rules" as I like to call them!) that MY ob gave me!! I kind of laugh when they say modified, because it is still pretty strict, but having personally experienced strict hospital bedrest I am thankful for what I am allowed!

  1. I can take short showers!
  2. I can get up to use the restroom!
  3. I can sit up to eat!
  4. At all times I must remain in a reclined position.
  5. I am only allowed to go out for my appointments, every two weeks!!!

Now, there are some challenges to following these rules, and the main one is....HAVING A VERY ACTIVE 3 YEAR OLD!!! Thankfully, she does very well (most days) and just brings all her toys out to the living room to play. She loves to climb up on the couch next to me to read books, and we a take a nap together every afternoon on my bed! (This helps "kill" a couple of hours and we both need our naps!) Thankfully, I also have a wonderful church family and great friends who take turns watching Cami, making meals, etc. so I am very blessed! My mom and sisters were also just here for 17 days and I can't not even begin to thank them for ALL they did!!! Not to mention all that Rudy does....!!!

I say all to say this...that while some days do seem to draaaaaaaaaaaag on, and while it is frustrating to just lay there and not be able to do something myself, I know the result will all be worth it in the end---to have a healthy, full-term baby!

I hope I didn't bore anyone with all these details, but I wanted to have a "base" for most of my posts so you can kind of know where I'm coming from....that right now this is what we're dealing with in our lives. But don't worry I will keep you posted on other things as please come back to keep reading!