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Cami's Candyland Birthday Party


Here is some pictures from Cami's 5th birthday party!

In spite of starting off as a rainy day the sun did come out later and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We were glad for such a good turnout: family, friends from church, friends from the NICU, neighbors, one of Cami's nurses, and five of Cami's teacher and/or therapists! It was such a special day and we were glad for each person who was able to come who is a part of Cami's (and our) life.

A BIG thanks to my mom and dad (and siblings--Jason, Leslie & Kelsey) as well as Rudy's parents for ALL of their help leading up to and on this special day. =) I honestly don't know how we could have done it without them!

We can NOT believe Cami is FIVE YEARS OLD and we are so thankful for how the Lord has allowed her to be a part of our lives and family.


Before the guests arrived...

Rudy welcoming everyone and praying for food

Kids scrambling to pick up candy from the pinata!
Giant "Candy"

Walkway leading up to pavilion

Close-up of banner

Mom hard at work getting the food table ready

MORE candy...!

Cami's teachers (from L to R: main K-4 teacher, Occupational Therapist, Vision Teacher, Vision Teacher (they teach her Braille, etc) and Orientation & Mobility Specialist (teaches Cami to use the cane).

the Gifts...

Cami opening her gifts =)

Jason, Leslie and Lucas as well as my dad (in background) doing all the grilling!

Candy Buffet...each person was welcome to eat candy the whole time as well as fill up a treat bag to take home! =)

The Birthday Cake

Guess how many gumballs?!?!?!

Gingerbread sandwiches for the kids...

Cami's primary care nurse from day 1 of her entire 6 months hospital stay!