This Journey Our Life

This Journey Our Life



One of my resolutions for the year 2012 was to give my old blog a makeover and begin consistently blogging again. This resolution was due in part to our move over this past summer, coupled with the fact that so many people—our extended families, friends both near and far, former teachers and therapists that have worked with Cami, and many dear people in our church—continue to inquire about Cami and her progress. 

It was clearly time to jump back into it!CordeiroFamily036water
While this blog will include information about what we are learning in rearing our daughter who is visually impaired—it certainly will not be limited to only that.  I also plan to share posts on a lot of the happenings and current events taking place in our family throughout this year and, Lord-willing, in the years to come!

When I made the decision to begin blogging again I immediately began thinking of what to rename it. I came up with several options and even thought I had reached the final decision until the Lord brought a different idea to mind.  I was re-reading this post written on Cami’s birthday which then caused me to ponder over the fact of how our life has been a journey—as is every person’s life, really.


The verse I chose to be a part of my new blog name has always been a favorite of mine.  1 Corinthians 13:13, “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” (I even used faith and hope as each of my daughters middle names—not sure if that means I need a third girl to complete the verse or not…?!) =)

In writing on this blog, my desire is first and foremost to honor and glorify the Lord so that it can be an encouragement and blessing to any who will read it. I also hope that you’ll have a fun and enjoyable time reading it as I do my best to share honestly from my heart what is currently going on in our lives.

So whether it be a post consisting of a big accomplishment to a small routine, from the humorous anecdote to a more serious truth—and anything in between—I’d love for you to follow along in reading, This Journey Our Life.

I also wanted to add a HUGE thank you to my friend, Renee, over at Living, Laughing and Loving for her time in answering my gazillion questions as well as her continued patience in helping me with several aspects of getting my new blog up and running—she was a lifesaver

And finally the biggest thanks to my husband, Rudy, whom I lovingly started to refer to as my editor-in-chief! I appreciate so much all of his help and input and it was fun to work on a lot of the key elements together--he is the BEST!

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