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I recently came across this blog (Gypsy Mama) and saw her Five-Minute Friday posts!

I thought this was such a neat idea and decided to give it a try! The challenge is to write for five minutes flat...with no editing, back-tracking, re-thinking...well,  you get the idea! She is right--it was enjoyable and alot of fun to do!  {I plan to do this from now on, since I enjoyed it so much!}

So, here's my post of what I wrote for today's assigned word. Delight.

I delight in a lot of things.  

First of all, the Lord.  Then my family—both immediate and extended. I delight in my children.

I also delight in several smaller less meaningful things; though trivial, they still bring delight.

Desserts, shopping, coffee, and shoes (just to name a few)!

However, when I saw that the word for today was delight I have to be very honest in sharing that the first thing to cross my mind was the fact that its been a busy, fairly routine week with a few bumps along the way.

But then I thought of how today is Friday, the beginning of a long weekend…and that brought a smile to my face and delight to my heart!

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