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A Simple Solution Revealed

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I explained in a previous post some of Cami’s homework struggles, then shared with you some ideas and solutions we had already tried.  Today’s post reveals our most recent solution.

Back on President’s Day, we all stopped into Michael’s for a particular item that I needed wanted to get. While browsing through the rest of the store, I came across one of these little lap desks/tables.

Cami tried it out and loved it, immediately asking for a pink one. We chose a lighter shade of pink so she wouldn’t be too distracted by a brighter color.

Usually, both Rudy and I try to paint a positive picture in regard to Cami’s homework (and school in general); however, on that particular day I was lacking quite a bit of enthusiasm as I showed her the desk. I could offer the excuse that it was simply from being weary over having already tried so many other tactics, but it would be more to accurate to confess that I was distracted by the items I wanted to purchase.

Either way, I did not give the desk much thought after that.

It wasn’t until that next afternoon, while walking Cami home from the bus stop, that I remembered the little table. I said, “Cami, guess what?! We’re going to do homework right away—like we always do—but today you get to use your new, very special, pink homework desk!”

I was elated when she responded with a smile, “Mommy, I get to use my new pink table?!” I chuckled to myself over her response: she obviously felt the need to let me know her preference was to call it a table rather than a desk!

When we arrived home, she walked inside with an excitement I had not seen before. Ever. {With the exception of Fridays, of course, since she knows those are “No Homework” days!} She actually seemed to be looking forward to her homework time.  I took note of her positive attitude but continued on to her homework as usual. I got out her reading book, set it on the pink table which straddled her lap, and asked her to read.

And she did great!

Yes, she had some moments of frustration while reading that day, but there was still a noticeable difference in her motivation, her attitude, and as a result her work. 
I realize as I write this post I may be jumping ahead of myself in knowing whether this solution will be successful on a long-term basis. But, in my personal observations of Cami from that first day alone, I have every hope and confidence this will not be like the other ideas that have simply fizzled out with time. Perhaps this may be a turning point in her homework routine, enabling her to make further progress in school.

And if it isn’t?

I will just do my best to find the next method necessary in order to create the best possible homework environment for Cami—for us as a family.

And until then?

I plan to enjoy each day that we are able to implement our latest, simple solution.

I already asked about your homework routines and solutions in the post, A Simple Solution, so today I’d be interested to hear what simple solution you may have stumbled upon recently, in any area—household, {home}school, work, children, etc.  I love to hear from my readers! =)