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Going with the Flow (A Belated Birthday)

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Even though one of my New Year’s Resolutions/Goals was to be more organized and on top of things, that isn’t always how it turns out.

Before I could blink, it was the last week of February and my baby girl’s birthday was quickly approaching. 

Every time I asked Sophia what she wanted me to make for her birthday meal she responded, “Peet-zah!" so we decided we would celebrate at our kid’s favorite pizza place—CiCi’s! 


We were all looking forward to it.

However, the night before her birthday, Sophia got very cranky and was acting like she felt miserable.  I took her temperature and its reading confirmed my suspicions: she had a fever!

Even though I had hoped she would be better by morning, she was not; Cami had come down with a fever too!

I felt frustrated that both girls were sick on a birthday. I was disappointed that we weren’t going to get to celebrate like I had planned.  Even though it was obvious that the birthday plans would have to be postponed, I felt myself becoming increasingly agitated and (ultimately) stressed as I watched my plans unravel.

When I called my mom to vent my frustrations complain, she reminded me of this simple truth:

I can not choose the situations or circumstances I face each day, but I can choose how I react to them.

After her pep talk, I realized how silly it was to let uncontrollable circumstances dictate my mood (which in turn was setting the mood for the entire household!).

I made the decision to go with the flow (fighting against it sure wasn’t helping!) and as a result thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend Sophia’s birthday snuggling with and comforting both of my little girls who were sick and needed their Mommy.

I still had to keep the girls home from church that Sunday, but in the evening Rudy's parents stopped by to drop off Sophia’s gift. We adults were able to enjoy a quick cup of coffee and everyone enjoyed a slice of birthday cake!


It was a simple celebration, but it was still special.

Happy Belated Birthday to the baby of our family—our precious Sophia Hope, who is truly as sweet as she is adorable.


Do you get frustrated when things aren’t going as planned?  Is there someone or something the Lord has used to help snap you back to reality when you find yourself complaining {like me!} ? I’d love to hear your thoughts! =)