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Five-Minute Friday is when we write for five minutes flat without over thinking, back-tracking, or editing.  We write for the pure enjoyment of it. Today, when I started writing within the allotted time, I realized the first few phrases rhymed so decided to just go with the flow of it. {talk about a  flashback to yesterday’s post!}

Today’s Writing Prompt: Brave


There is a little girl
Who goes to school each day
Even though she makes it known
She’d rather stay home to play
As I watch her climb the stairs
My eyes well up with tears
I want to run and bring her back
We both have to face our fears
I lovingly remind her
“School is for your best”
And secretly I think to myself
She’s smarter than the rest
At 3 years old her first day of school
Her screams echoed down the hall
I wanted to hold her near to me—
My arms her protective shawl
But she has grown incredibly
I’m not only speaking of her height
She’s reading now and working hard
She works with all her might.
She is truly brave
Braver than I think I could ever be
But then I remember:
The Christ I ask to strengthen her—He also strengthens me.


Cami and I quote Philippians 4:13 together every morning while waiting for the bus (we often quote it together as a family as well).  Though I am not brave or strong enough to handle situations that arise, I am resting in the promise of God's amazing Word--by His grace He will enable me to accomplish all that He has called me to do!

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  Philippians 4:13


*This post was part of Five-minute Friday, hosted by The Gyspy Mama