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A Restful and Relaxing Week

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Since I began blogging again this year, I did so with the goal of doing it consistently—aiming to write at least one post a week. Because I enjoy sharing my heart through writing, most weeks that goal has been easy to attain.

However, last week was different: it was Spring Break!  I enjoyed spending extra time with my family and couldn’t seem didn’t want to pull myself away from them long enough to review and edit one of several posts I had originally planned to share.
Where did we go?
We stayed home!



It was fun, enjoyable, and refreshing to simply spend time together; we had no set agenda other than wanting to work on a few tasks and projects around our house. Though we had a basic game plan set in place to complete these projects, we enjoyed being spontaneous and doing only what we felt up to doing (or not doing!) each day.

Our week at home consisted of sleeping in, trips to the gym (an activity that Rudy and I almost consider to be a date for us, since we take advantage of the childcare offered through our membership there!), numerous trips to the garden center and our local Lowe’s (can you guess what our main project was?), a late night drive to get ice cream (which we announced to our kids after they were in their comfy pajamas in bed!), sleeping in, a trip to the library, afternoons in the backyard, evening walks, and did I mention….sleeping in?!?
It was a leisurely week filled with some much needed rest and relaxation.  Though the week seemed to end too quickly, we are thankful for the amount of time we were blessed to be able to spend together as a family.
{Originally, Rudy’s break was scheduled only to be a couple of days long; but since there were NO  cancellations due to snow this past winter, the school administrator graciously extended it to an entire week! Who knew NO snow days could actually end up being a blessing? Hmmm….maybe from now on I’ll pray differently for snow days.} =)
So…my apologies to each of you following along in reading my blog—all of you, whom I truly appreciate!—for  missing a weekly post.  As always, family comes first and I knew you would understand.
I hope you’ll stay tuned as I resume my weekly posts, including an upcoming post where I plan to share what we worked on during our Spring Break.
Happy Spring to all of you!
What about you? Have you already enjoyed a Spring Break, or is yours still coming up? What were/are your plans?  I’d love to hear! =)


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