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The Comfort of God’s Providence in Parenting

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Parents often feel overwhelmed with many decisions that need to be made in raising their children. Though common in parenting any child, these feelings often become multiplied in raising a child who has special needs.
When I pillow my head at night I often rehearse the day’s events in my mind—how I interacted with each of my children, and the choices I made throughout the day regarding their care. When it comes to Cami, I find myself dealing with feelings of uncertainty; numerous questions bombard my mind.
Am I using the right method in helping her with homework?
Am I using the right approach in addressing her behavior? 
Am I choosing the best doctor for her particular needs?
Does she feel safe—or fearful?—when I am not with her?
Is she receiving appropriate treatment for her needs?
As questions race through my mind, I begin to question my adequacy as her mother.

However, when wrestling with such feelings of inadequacy, I can rest in this profound truth: God has appointed me to be Cami’s mom.

This fact overwhelms my heart with comfort! In God’s divine providence, He saw fit to entrust Cami to Rudy’s and my care; therefore, He will enable me to accomplish His will for her life, His will for mine.
“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13).
What about you?
While this particular post was focused on God’s providence in parenting a child with special needs, the beauty of this truth is that it can be applied to every parent raising a child—whether through the traditional way or adoption, special needs or not. {I can attest to this because I am also mother to two children who do not have special needs.}
It is also applicable to each relationship in your life:  your marriage, family, friends, church, and community.  Remember and rest in the fact that God is choosing to use you to reach out and minister to the individuals He has placed throughout the journey of your life.