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I already loved Fridays, but I find myself looking forward to it for another reason: being able to participate in the Gypsy Mama’s Five-Minute Friday link-up.  I can’t wait to find out the prompt  each week, and I enjoy writing without worrying if it’s “just right” or not.

Today’s Writing Prompt: COMMUNITY

Community—“a unified body of individuals: as, a group of people with a common characteristic or interests; a body of persons of common interests scattered through a larger society”**


Recently, I had the opportunity to meet several people I had never before known. We came from all walks of life, yet shared the same interests, concerns, worries and fears.

Coming together from different parts of the country, yet sharing a connection.

We talked together. Listened to each other. Offered advice. Shared resources. Prayed for strength.

There was no need for explanations, for we all mutually understood and empathized with one another’s thoughts and feelings.

We are a community—the community of parents raising a child with special needs.

It was incredible. Though each of our children’s special needs and disabilities spanned a wide range, we all shared one common goal: dedicating our life—our time, our energy—to ensure our child receives the best love, care, help, education, and resources we can give them as parents. We want our child to experience the most abundant life they can!

We were all there to learn more, to learn from each other.

The camaraderie between us all was overwhelmingly powerful and all that I experienced filled my heart with inspiration and hope. Hope, that in my heart I knew already existed, but that sometimes needs encouragement and support from others to blossom into action.


I have been blessed to receive encouragement from so many of the people in my life, and my family is number one on the list! However, it was such a blessing to be surrounded by fellow parents who know exactly what you face each day and can relate to so many of the struggles involved in parenting a special needs child.  It was difficult to convey in five minutes all that I wanted to share regarding my experience, but I plan to share through upcoming posts several thoughts on all that I learned.

What about you?
It really is amazing how powerful a community is. Your family, church, support groups—whatever it is—each person involved makes a difference and as a result we can all learn from each other. What are you doing to reach out to others? What are you learning from others in similar situations or circumstances?

HAPPY FRIDAY, and enjoy your weekend! =)


*This post was part of my participation in Five-Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama.

**This definition came from the online Merriam-Webster dictionary.