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Advice for Moms: A Mother Shares Her Heart

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There is no question that I get my love for writing from my mom. She enjoys writing and has written several poems—many of which my dad has set to music.

That is the reason I kept begging bugging asking her to write a guest post for my blog! I thought it would be perfect to have her do so around Mother’s Day weekend and I’m thrilled that she finally agreed.

My daughter has asked me to write a blog post for this Mother’s Day.  I feel inadequate for the task set before me and certainly am not qualified to write a “How To” book on raising children. I will, however, try to share my heart with you without writing a small book…something I have a tendency to do when writing.

The Lord has blessed us with five wonderful children.
image                                                                                 {1998}
DSC_9658                                                                                 { December 2011}

Our oldest daughter is married with three children of her own. She was always a strong-willed child, determined to get her own way. She now uses that determination to help her oldest daughter who is visually impaired along with other special needs. She is very determined to make time for her other two children, as well.

Our second daughter is also married. She was always a happy-go-lucky child who never had a care in the world and enjoyed life to the fullest. She is still that way and has always had a special bond with children. She was a teacher’s assistant for 4 years and now works as a therapist with autistic children.

Our son (who was always small for his age) proved that although small in stature, he is mighty in character. He was given the nickname of the “silent giant” by his soccer coaches when he was a boy. How interesting it is that he was given a similar nickname—“the quiet giant”—during Navy boot camp this past winter. image
Our next daughter was always a child with great compassion for others and willing to do anything for anyone, so it is appropriate that she is a CNA currently employed at a nursing home—she would like to be an RN some day.

Our youngest child is in high school and is becoming a lovely young woman. She loves her nieces and nephew and spends as much time with them as possible.

This past January I watched home videos of our 5 children when they were young.image                                                                                {Rachel}

image                                                                                   { Holly }
image                                                                                   {Jason}
image                                                                              {Leslie}
image                                                                                 {Kelsey}

As I watched through blurred vision, caused by my tears, I was overcome with both extreme joy and intense sadness.

Joy because of all the happy times we shared and the wonderful memories I hold in my heart, and sadness because of how fast their childhood days had come and gone.

At that moment, I wanted to go back to those years when they were so tiny and needed me for everything. Or the years when they were becoming a little independent, but still needed their mommy to fix their “owies”, calm their fears caused by bad dreams in the middle of the night, the first day of school jitters, or sheer terror from seeing clowns at the mall or a giant Chuck E Cheese. I wanted to go back to the days of watching our son’s Little League games and our daughter’s softball games on hot summer evenings or soccer games on crisp autumn days.

I also thought of some regrets.

I wish I had spent more time with my children instead of being so focused on a spotless house. I wish I had been more gentle with my words of correction instead of speaking to them so harshly. I wish I had given in to the request, “Please, Mommy, can we read this book just one more time?” instead of being so strict with their bedtime.

How I wish I could turn back the clock of life and correct the many mistakes I know I made, but there is no turning back the clock.

Thankfully, I have many precious memories of fun times with our children: tickling sessions before bedtime, walking to the library where they got to pick out their own books, going for drives in the country to look for deer and then surprising them with ice cream cones on the way home, singing their favorite Bible songs during family devotions, sitting together as a family in church as the Word of God was taught…the list could go on.

When my children were little, I couldn’t wait for the milestones: first smiles, first steps, first day of kindergarten, high school graduation, and weddings. My mother and other moms with older children would tell me to enjoy my children while they were little because time goes by so fast.

Little did I realize the truth of that statement.

Now I am the older mom giving younger mothers the same advice.

If you are a mother, or a woman with a mother’s heart, slow down and take time to the smell the roses with the little ones the Lord has placed in your life. Cherish the moments you have with your children. Replace your “to do” list of chores on occasion with a to do” list of memory making moments with your children.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you enjoyed reading this special post from my mom—I know I did! =) I love and appreciate how openly and honestly she shared her thoughts and feelings and I feel that I was able to take little peek inside her mother’s heart.  I’m blessed beyond words to have such a wonderful mother.

I love you, Mom!DSC_0268