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Our 23 Weeker Preemie Superstar

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I have mentioned before that I recently joined Preemies Today, a National Preemie Families Support Network. It is locally based (in the DC Metro area) but there are numerous other members from across the country who are a part of this growing network of support. 

Their mission?

“…to advocate for the needs of families experiencing the traumatic event of premature birth. We carry out this mission by providing education, support, resources, and a sense of community through outreach programs and parent-to-parent support from birth throughout childhood.” *

Rudy and I desire to be actively involved in helping other families affected by premature birth ; we remember how encouraging it was to hear  the stories of success from parents who had experienced the NICU journey firsthand.  It was also an extra blessing to see the photos they shared of their former preemie babies now grown into healthy children. 

For an upcoming fundraiser, Preemies Today asked parents of former preemies to consider making a donation in honor (or in memory) of their former preemie(s).  Each parent who chose to donate was given the opportunity  to submit a written essay on “What Makes Your Preemie a Superstar” and at the fundraiser each child recognized will receive a “Preemie Superstar” certificate.

After submitting our entry, we were notified that they chose to share our submission on the Preemies Today blog.

We were thrilled!

Today, I am posting a link to that post so that you all can take a moment to read why Cami is our superstar.CordeiroFamily003water

We pray that the Lord will use our story—of all that HE has done in Cami’s life—to bring others to HIM!

Have you or your family been affected by the premature birth of a baby? Perhaps, someone you know? I would love to hear your story in the comments!


*quoted from Preemies Today website