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Update on Cami: A Prayer Request

Camelia, cami's health and progress, Family, prayer requestRachel

I mentioned back in February an important appointment Cami had with her new pediatrician.
It was a starting point.
Little did I know how long this entire process and paperwork filled journey would be!
Today, after three months of phone calls, waiting, referrals, paperwork, waiting, faxes, more phone calls, and more waiting, we are taking the next step in our endeavor to seek answers regarding Cami’s struggles.
Will a diagnosis change anything?

Although a diagnosis will not change how we view Cami, it will help us piece together the puzzle of who she is as an individual, which will allow us to implement the necessary care and therapies she needs most.
Will we receive a definite diagnosis?
I’m not sure.

In my personal research of children who have a background (extreme prematurity, brain trauma, etc.) and tendencies similar to that of Cami, some parents never receive a definitive diagnosis of their child; others receive multiple diagnoses but are never convinced their child falls under the category of any.

Why do we seek further diagnoses?

Rudy and I want to make sure that we have done everything possible to find answers from the best resources so that we can make well-informed decisions in relation to Cami’s health and care.
I ask that you please pray for today’s appointment which will involve an extended period of evaluations.

Please pray for wisdom for those evaluating, for doctors administering care, and—if the Lord would allow—specific answers to many of our questions.

We appreciate our family, our friends, and each of you who continue to demonstrate your love and support to us through your prayers.