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A Declaration to Myself

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Today is the first post as part of my participation in a 15-Day Writing Challenge.
I hope you'll enjoy following along in reading each post!

Before today, I’ve been afraid to speak four crucial words.  I’ve allowed doubt, uncertainty, and fear to convince me otherwise.

I’ve done everything possible to avoid saying the words, replacing them with phrases such as “I love to write,” or “I enjoy writing”—anything else but the four words!



Fear of rejection. Fear of incapability. Fear of being misunderstood.

I’m not a published author, so who am I to call myself… a writer? I thought.

Often, I tell people that I write for myself; but I wonder if that is the truth.

How can I write for myself if I don’t consider myself a writer? How can I expect others to believe something which I do not believe about myself?

So today is a new beginning—a declaration. My declaration.

Because I have declared it to myself,  I can now declare it to everyone:

I am a writer.

* This post was part of my participation in the 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge, hosted by writer Jeff Goins.