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15 Habits of Great Writers—Day 3 {Initiate}

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On Day 2 of the 15 Habits of Great Writers Series, Jeff Goins challenged us to get up two hours earlier than we normally do for one purpose: to write.

I have to admit I didn’t wake up exactly two hours earlier than my normal rising time, but I did manage to fit in an uninterrupted time of writing before the kids woke up.

I enjoyed writing that early in the day more than I anticipated, but I’m not sure if that specific time-frame is something I can commit to right now in my stage of life. However, I do see the benefit of setting aside an uninterrupted, scheduled time to write and learned a valuable lesson in the process:

It does not matter what time I write, but that I’m making time.

I must initiate.

Taking the initiative to write sets the writers apart from the dreamers; now that I consider myself the former, I must set aside time each day to make my dream a reality.

What is my dream?

Writing a book. 

Can I really do this?

I’ll never know until I begin.

What is your dream? Beginning is the first step to achieving it.  I'd love to hear you share your dreams and what you're doing to begin, so feel free to leave a comment! =)

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*This post was part of my participation in the 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge, hosted by writer, Jeff Goins.