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From Procrastination to Preparation

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Recently, while reading a favorite blog, I stumbled across a label that fit me perfectly.

I am a procrastinating perfectionist

It’s a terrible combination: the perfectionist side of me seeks the perfect scenario to complete a task while the procrastinator in me delays to accomplish it. The result?  While waiting for a perfect scenario I neglect the task altogether.

Jeff Goins challenged us to stop stalling and start preparing. He said, “Ship it. Anything. It doesn’t matter how bad it is, just put it out there. Don’t wait; move something forward.”

Do you know how frightening that seems to me? I’ve convinced myself that I’m not ready—for one reason or another—but the truth is, I have neglected to prepare.  Right now there is a lot going on in my life, but won’t there always be?

Though my mind is plagued by the question of whether anyone will be interested in my story, I will never know if I neglect to tell it.  In order to share my story with others, I must write; in order to write, I must prepare.

My plan of action?

To outline and begin writing each chapter of my book. I’m not sure how soon it will be ready to submit, but I plan to make the necessary preparations so that I can “ship it” when it is.

It’s time for me to stop delaying and start doing, replacing procrastination with preparation.

And the perfectionism?

I’m still preparing myself to let it go.

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* This post was part of my particpation in the 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge, hosted by writer Jeff Goins.