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Five Minute Friday: Join


This summer I took an extended break from blogging, but today's Five-Minute Friday prompted me to join back in!  

{And in case you're not familiar...Five Minute Friday is where Lisa-Jo encourages us to "set your timer, clear your head, for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right." And the best part?  Encouraging other writers and bloggers through our comments to them! }

Today's Prompt:  JOIN


This summer found me taking time off from something I love.   As much as I love and enjoy it, I felt that needed time to think, have fun, and just enjoy the moments around me without wondering when I’d have time to sit down and write each one down. 

The entire summer I breathed in fun moments, first moments, beautiful moments, difficult moments, and lazy-in-no-hurry-at-all moments.  Moments which have yet to land on paper, but with ink still fresh fill the pages of my heart and mind.

I desperately needed to take a break from writing—from blogging—so that I could enjoy time with my family and I wanted to press pause in order to wrap my head around several other things as well.

But you know what? In taking a break from writing, I took a break from each of you.  

When I read today’s prompt it brought this realization to my mind:   My writing allows you to join me on my journey, and as you read along I have the chance to join you on yours. We become joined together in this online community of sharing stories, sharing our hearts, sharing our lives.

So after my summer hiatus, it’s back to blogging and writing and the opportunity to share my heart—will you join me in following along?


*This post was part of my participation in Five Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.