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A Five Minute Friday Poem {Focus}

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Linking up for today’s Five Minute Friday, hosted by the lovely Lisa-Jo. It’s a great time to just enjoy the art of writing where a group of us set our timers and write for five minutes flat—no editing, no over thinking or backtracking.  The best part?  Sharing what we've written with each other (over 200 of us now!) and making friends in the process

Today's Prompt: FOCUS


Through bleary eyes I cannot see
What does the future hold
Sometimes I wonder endlessly
And still it’s left untold
I long to know what lies ahead
I worry and despair
He longs for me to trust in Him
With Him each burden share
In unknown mystery there lies
A reason greater still
For He is safely guiding me
To follow in His will
The path ahead remains unclear
I strain so hard to see
He whispers in the quiet
In love He speaks to me
Your view is dim and blurred
To you it’s incomplete
I know where I AM leading
My view—eternity
There is no need for you to know
Only keep your eyes on Me
I must be your focus
My child, follow Me


"Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;"... Hebrews 12:2a