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A Letter to my 4 1/2 year old son {Five Minute Friday}

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Joining Lisa-Jo for today’s Five Minute Friday, where a group of us write for five minute flat—no editing, backtracking or overthinking.  The best part?  Sharing what we’ve written and making new friends along the way.

Today’s Prompt:  WIDE


Dear Lucas,

I look at you sitting there with brows furrowed inquisitively, head tilted to the side.  Your curiosity is endless and your mind wonders out loud again.  

What does the inside of my mouth look like when I swallow? and How do cows give us milk? and What does peace mean? are some of the questions you ponder over bowls of cereal, or tower-building, or sticky peanut butter sandwiches, or car-riding or supposed to be nap-taking.

You sit on the edge of your seat anticipating the answer ready to soak every fact in, the next question already on the tip of your tongue. Your mind devours it, eyes twinkling with a brilliant idea you’ve already decided to try.


I try hard to stifle my smile over your frustration from an answer you’re not satisfied with, for one reason or another certain that by now you’d have it figured out I’m not the best at geography or history, but delighted you still keep asking.

Sometimes I wish time could stand still.


Instead, I’ll wrap my arms and heart tightly around you and every moment and every memory and every question you ask out of your chestnut brown wide-eyed curiosity.

I love you.





*This post was part of my participation in Five Minute Friday, hosted by the lovely Lisa-Jo.