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The place where all are welcome {31 Days: A Five Minute Friday for Day 5}

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For those of you who are new to reading my blog…welcome! I’m glad to have you following along this series.

On Fridays, I participate in Five Minute Fridays, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker—the Gypsy Mama.

What is it?

It’s where a group of us gather to write for five minutes flat on the prompt given—no overthinking, backtracking, or editing. The fun part?   Linking up to share what we’ve written and meeting new friends along the way.

Most of the time what ends up landing on paper are expressions of the struggles I face in raising a child with special needs, and today was no different.

Today’s Prompt:  WELCOME 


We’re greeted with cordial hellos, passing each other in these corridors of life. Friendly handshakes offer their hellos and smiling faces try hard to mask the stares.

With searching eyes I scan the crowds looking for someone, the question plaguing my heart.

Where is someone who cares?  Someone who will help?

Navigating this unfamiliar world, feelings of uncertainty and doubts suffocate me.

I feel alone.

What’s changed—have I?

But I know the answer.

It’s hard to to belong to a place where there’s no welcome.

And harder?

When the unwelcomed guest is your child.


Because welcome is more than smiling hellos and friendly handshakes or ramps and designated parking spaces.

Welcome is love and grace-filled compassion.

It’s listening as someone shares the burdens they carry every day, or praying with them through worries that plague their soul.  It’s hugging them when you don’t have words; holding their hand when they’re afraid.

And as I weep over hurts and heartaches and sorrows He whispers softly,

“I AM Someone who cares.”

With outstretched arms He beckons me and I run to where I’ll always belong.

Because in His embrace—

All are welcome.


“Let the children come to Me…”  (Mark 10:14)

And because I want you to feel welcomed here

Feel free to share your journey: Has there been a time that your child has not been welcomed?  How did you respond?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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