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31 Days of Support—Day 16: The Importance of Friendships within the special needs community, part 2 {What I learned from Accessibility Summit 2012}

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This past spring I had the opportunity to attend the 12th annual Accessibility Summit, hosted by McClean Bible Church (which has an outstanding ministry to those affected by disability).

What is it?

A conference for families and caregivers, faith-based organizations, service providers, teachers, and other professionals connected to the special needs community.” (quoted from their website)

It was incredible.

I was inspired in hearing of other people’s stories of triumph over disability.

I was challenged in listening to advice from one mom to another.
I was encouraged in sharing my heart with fellow parents, establishing new friendships.

I was uplifted in experiencing the conference with others walking a similar journey.

I was blessed in meeting the author of a book offering encouragement and support.

I was overwhelmed in learning of the valuable resources available to parents—available to me.

I was amazed in witnessing God at work in every detail surrounding the conference.

I was energized in focusing on my child and her needs.

I was overjoyed in fellowshipping with other believers.

I was comforted in receiving healing for my weary soul.

I was honored in having my sister attend with me.

That weekend, I came away with pamphlets and packets filled with valuable information and a notebook filled with names and notes.

But more importantly, I left with my heart filled with hope: hope that I knew already existed in my heart, but that sometimes needs encouragement and support from others to blossom into action.

Hope wrapped up inside the beautiful gift of friendship.

Your JourneyDo you have any stories of friendship to share?  What conferences have you attended that have made an impact upon your special needs parenting journey?  Feel free to share your heart in the comments!

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