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31 Days of Support—Day 19: Taking time to see {Five Minute Friday}

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It’s Friday! Where a group of us join together for five minutes of writing without worrying about if it’s just right or not, hosted by the lovely Lisa-Jo (who is also participating in the 31 Days challenge by encouraging us to write our story).

Today’s Prompt?   LOOK


Curious onlookers observe from a distance
Forming their own opinions
But it’s easy for preconceived ideas
To become the wall standing between us
Quickly offering better ideas
Objectively trying to suggest
Never walking along this path
It's difficult to know what’s best
Eight years now I’ve traveled
And learning as I go
Numerous suggestions exhausted
Greater the struggles grow
It’s tricky to find a solution
When the cause is often unclear
Questioning triggers I ponder
Is it exhaustion, frustration or fear?
And when the moments happen
It’s guaranteed there’ll be a crowd
The uncomfortable stares surround me
Their disapproval?

And secretly I wonder
How different it would be
If instead of only watching
You’d take the time to see.


Your JourneyHave you found yourself wishing people would take the time to see past appearances, reaching out to support you where you are? If so, when?  Feel free to share your heart in the comments!


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