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31 Days of Support—Day 24: Book Review, Different Dream Parenting by Jolene Philo

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Yesterday, I shared my review of A Different Dream for My Child.

When I found out Jolene Philo had written a second book, I knew I wanted to read it.

Here is my review of the book, Different Dream Parenting:

Different Dream Parenting is a practical guide to raising a child with special needs. There are numerous parenting books out there, and even a number of guides on parenting a child with special needs. However, in Different Dream parenting Jolene beautifully weaves together the spiritual aspect of parenting into the practical aspect, providing both faith-based and non-faith-based resources throughout the book.

In her second book, Jolene continues to draw from what she learned throughout her own personal journey of special needs parenting, sharing first-hand stories of both struggles and triumphs. She’s not afraid to discuss the more difficult aspects involved in special needs parenting, addressing such topics with respect and grace.

Like A Different Dream for My Child, this book is divided into easy to digest sections, each chapter filled with practical advice pertaining to the numerous challenges involved in special needs parenting: from diagnosis to hospital life, from juggling family and work responsibilities with caring for your child, from long-term care conditions to the delicate subject of losing a child.

Alongside of invaluable tips, resources and tools Jolene also shares uplifting Scriptures and personal testimonies from other parents walking the special needs parenting journey.

The book also contains three appendixes, containing resources and tools for personalized application: prayer guides (30 Prayers of Dependence, 30 Prayers for Hospital Stay, 30 Prayers for Educators and Therapists, 30 Prayers for Grieving Families, etc.), a template to chart dosage and vital signs, and a helpful list of in-home nursing care interview questions.

There is no question this book contains a wealth of information, listing a number of necessary tips and tools needed to navigate the world of special needs parenting (both practically and spiritually). Jolene succeeds in providing a useful resource to those raising a child with special needs, encouraging every parent walking the journey.

You can purchase a copy, here.

Even better?

Winning a FREE copy!

After I contacted Jolene, she told me that Discovery House Publishers graciously offered a free copy to giveaway to one of my readers! Follow the instructions below to enter. Happy Winning! =)  



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