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An online community for special needs moms {and my guest post for (in)able}

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In October, (in)courage opened the doors to several smaller online communities.

They wanted us to connect with friends who get where we're at, friends who would encourage us along the way.

These communities are filled with women traveling along separate journeys, reaching out to others trudging along similar terrain.

The description of groups varied from Moms of Teens to Bible Study Gals to Empty Nesters—there was even opportunities to connect with women in your local community.

When I saw the list, there was no question which community I wanted to be a part of as I hovered the mouse over Special Needs Stories.  A few of clicks later, I was welcomed into (along with over 100 other moms) the (in)able (in)courage community.

A beautiful community offering encouragement for special needs moms.

The group interacts mostly through the (in)able Facebook page with a welcoming invitation to participate as much or as little as you’d like or as your schedule allows. On Wednesdays Katie features different posts on her blog, providing (in)couragement for (in)ablers.

Here’s a sneak peek of today’s post:

“Desperate for help, I felt the urge to run.



The walls of my world were caving in around me.

Helplessly, I looked on at my daughter who needed to be rescued.”

To find out the rest of the story, be sure to check out my guest post for today’s (in)couragement for (in)ablers.

Your JourneyWhat’s something you’ve done in your desperate search for help for your child?  I’d love to hear you share in the comments!