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Again {Five Minute Friday}

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Today, I’m jumping back into my regular Five Minute Friday posts.   I had planned on beginning when Lisa-Jo picked it up again this new year, but I’ve had several behind-the-scenes blog happenings keeping me busy (some of which I plan to share in the near future, so please stay tuned)!

Today’s Prompt:  AGAIN


This morning when I lifted you out of your bed it seemed easier than yesterday.

I didn’t feel as weary when I helped you get dressed, convinced you to eat, or coaxed you out the door.  As we stand together on this chilly morning in the biting winter wind, eyes stinging with tears  my thoughts focus on dear friends who are beginning a journey we know all too well.

My thoughts flashed back to your NICU stay, the view of your fragile body forever branded into my mind.

As my finger tucks back your windblown strand of hair, I can’t help but think of all that you’ve experienced, yet somehow it doesn’t seem real.

But you are real because you are here.

I choke back the sob trying to escape my throat, as I watch you delighting in the sound of crunching snow under your feet.  Much to your dismay the bus arrives and pulls to a stop; it’s doors swing open, welcoming you aboard.

And today I pause longer than usual watching you slowly ascend the steps—to breathe in a moment that at one time seemed like an out-of-reach dream.

But it’s today and there you are as I stand here watching that dream unfold. 

Then tears fall and my heart aches for I know the hurt they feel. Somehow, I thought the pain I felt when you were born could only be experienced once…but I was wrong.

Today I feel it again.


Today, I’m praying for dear friends of ours whose daughter was born early this morning at 23 weeks, weighing only 1lb. 2oz. We are confident that just as the Lord watched over and protected Cami (who happened to be the same gestation and exact weight), allowing her to live, He is able to do the same for their precious little baby girl and we are trusting that He will

I’m asking each of you to join us in praying for our friends and their baby.


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