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for when you doubt decisions in parenting your (special needs) child {Five Minute Friday}

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It’s Five Minute Friday! Where a group of us join together for five minutes of writing without worrying about if it’s just right or not, hosted by the lovely Lisa-Jo.  



As I thumb through the discharge summary, specialists notes and progress reports, worries bombard my mind with “what ifs” and “should haves” tormenting my heart.

The questioning of one decision cascades into another like domino tiles falling one by one.  My mind wanders into the blurry past now shining crystal clear.

Did our choices cause the effects we see now? Or would it have been that way despite them? These questions and more replay in my mind more than I care to admit.

But it’s easy to question what we should have done because hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

What is it that makes me most afraid? That we made a good decision when we could have made a
better one? It’s easy to forget that every choice we made was always for her best.

And it’s dangerous to question what might have been when right now we’re living what is.


Because I can’t face the future fearing my decisions of the past today.


Your Journey:  Do you ever struggle with decisions you've made in parenting your child? How do you focus on today while preparing for the future?  I’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment!