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Liebster Award, Special-Needs Edition

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Alana at A Boy Name Silas nominated me for a Liebster Award, Special-Needs Edition!

Today in participation with the official Liebster Award rules, I’ll be sharing eleven random facts about Cami, and sharing my answers to Alana’s questions.  I hope you’ll stick around to read through all of it so that you can get to know Cami better!

11 Random Facts about Cami:

1. She goes through stages of obsessions with several different objects which include: flashlights, batteries, and her light-up, musical dolls/stuffed animals.  The obsessions seem to rotate but are usually triggered by something. (e.g.—if one of her light-up, musical dolls stops working her conversations will focus only on batteries and won’t stop until we take her to the “battery store” (Radio Shack).

2.She knows which dolls or toys take AA or AAA batteries. (see number 1)

3. As far as we can tell, she has perfect pitch.

4. Although she appears to be predominately left-handed in some instances she is ambidextrous.

5. She has great sense of humor and is funny!

6.  When someone is singing a special in church, she will ask who it is if she likes it.  (Whether she does this because she enjoys their voice or the particular song being sung remains a mystery).

7. Cami displays her best social skills when playing or interacting with her little brother (Lucas) and little sister (Sophia)! She loves her siblings!

8. Cami loves going to other peoples houses. If she’s revisiting someone she remembers exactly what she played with or did the last time, wanting to do it again even if it was months or years ago! (See # 5 below in questions below).

9. Cami is very talented at imitating any type of accent (and even the sound of different peoples voices), which can be very entertaining! =)

10. As a 45 lb., 8 1/2 year old, Cami is already 40 times her birth weight!

My answers to Alana at A Boy Named Silas's questions:

1. Think of the day your child received his or her diagnosis. What is the first word that comes to mind? Tears.

2. Who is your favorite doctor, specialist, or therapist for your child and why? Currently: Cami’s speech therapist is my favorite because she seems to be Cami’s favorite.  This is actually the first teacher she has mentioned herself, without prompting from us. Past: 1) her first neonatologist was my favorite out of all six that she had during her NICU stay because he was a believer and would tell us what specific things we should pray for concerning her care. 2) a TVI who always made herself available no matter time of day (or night!), putting up with my numerous phone calls filled with questions!

3. What symptom of your child's disability breaks your heart the most? Her inability to see the magnificent hues of a rainbow because of the impossibility of describing it to her.

4. What symptom of your child's disability is actually somewhat endearing? The way she spins effortlessly, happiness radiating from her face.

5. What is something your child is REALLY good at? Remembering the smallest seemingly insignificant details—anything from dolls, toys, sounds, food, etc.—from months (or in some cases years!) past, usually from an experience that impacted her in some way (both enjoyable and not enjoyable).

6. In three words, describe how you have changed after becoming a special-needs parent. Determined. Compassionate. Observant.

7. How has having a special-needs child impacted your spiritual life? It has strengthened my faith and personal walk with the Lord, teaching me the necessity of depending on His strength not my own. 

8. Would you take away your child's disability if you could? Why or why not?  Some days I wish I could take away at least one. Secretly, I’ve wondered what it would be like if she was blind without an intellectual disability or had only an intellectual disability without blindness? In the end I have to rest in the fact that God created her to be exactly who she is and that brings me peace.

9. What is the most disrespectful thing anyone has ever said to you or your child? In the midst of one of Cami’s meltdowns (which to date, is one off the most major in her history of meltdowns)someone interrupted our efforts to calm her, implying that all she needed was to be disciplined! It was disrespectful to say to us in front of Cami in addition to the fact that it thwarted our efforts-in-progress.

10. "One thing I wish more people realized about my child is ... She is a person who is worth taking the time to get to know.  While I appreciate the efforts some people make to be nice by simply saying a casual hello in passing (most times of which she’s unaware or they’ve passed on before she can respond), I wish that they’d take the time to slow down to speak with her, getting to know who she is.”

11. If you were to articulate all the wishes you have for your child, what would they be?  My utmost desire for her is that she would be able to know and understand Who Jesus is and how much He loves her! I also wish for her to experience friendships and to master the necessary skills to be a completely independent individual.

Now it’s my turn to pass out the award to other special needs bloggers!

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Though I haven’t met any of you personally I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and would love to learn more about you and your child.

First, just share eleven random facts about you our child, and then answer the questions posted below.  I’d love for you to place a link to the post containing your responses—just link it in the comment section so I can hear what you had to say!

Questions for nominees to answer:
1.  When did you embark on your special-needs parenting journey? (share your child’s diagnosis story)
2.  How do you balance spending time with your other (non-special needs) children? (if applicable)
3. Share an act of kindness someone has done for you or your child.
4.  What is one thing you want people to realize about your life as a special needs parent?
5.  In what ways has  raising a child with special needs affected your relationships/friendships?

6. What brings your child the most joy?
7. If you could describe your child in three words what would they be?
8. What aspect of your child’s special needs has been the hardest to accept?
9. If you and your child could take a dream vacation where would you go?
10. What’s the most important lesson your child has taught you?
11. What advice would you share with a parent just beginning their journey of parenting a child with special needs?

Thanks for participating! 

Your Journey: If you’re a special needs mom, check back here tomorrow for an amazing opportunity to be part of a community with others who get where you’re at!