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Welcome to (in)cluded, a Dayspring (in)courage community

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Back in October, (in)courage introduced the first session of several smaller online communities. These communities were filled with women traveling along separate journeys, reaching out to others walking a similar path.

They wanted us to connect with friends who get where we're at, friends who would encourage us along the way. 

I’m excited to share with you that today marks the beginning of session two, and you’re invited to be a part.  You can find the entire list of communities here, including several new groups offered during this session.

I’m also thrilled to share that during this second session I have the privilege of co-leading a new community for special needs moms.

As special needs moms ourselves, Megan and I want to welcome you to a place where you’ll fit right in, where you’ll feel comfortable sharing your heart.  This will be a place where you’ll always be welcome, where you’ll feel that you belong.

It will be a place where you’re (in)cluded.

We don't want this to be another item to add to that never-ending list of responsibilities you shoulder and it's not a contract-binding membership, intruding on your precious time. No piles of paperwork to wade through; no drowning in information overload.  

We want to offer a safe place for you to share whatever it is that's on your heart, helping you connect with other women who are familiar with all the twists and turns on this winding road.

Because no two journeys are identical but we're all trudging along similar terrain.

You can find Megan and I here, and we’re inviting you to join our Facebook group for the chance to meet and chat with other special needs moms who get where you’re at. 

We’ll also be sharing regular posts over at the (in)able & (in)cluded communities shared blog. It’s a unique opportunity for both sister-groups to be encouraged together. 

Who knows? There may even be a link-up or two here at This Journey Our Life since sharing our journeys with each other can help us learn to navigate our own.

Because here we’re not only sisters in this world of special needs motherhood, here we’re all sisters in Christ.

Hop on over to Facebook and introduce yourself--

We can’t wait to meet you!

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