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What I've witnessed because of my daughter's special needs {Five Minute Friday}

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It’s Five Minute Friday!* Where a group of us join together for five minutes of writing without worrying about if it’s just right or not, hosted by the lovely Lisa-Jo.
Today's prompt:  ORDINARY



Some days,  I allow my thoughts to wander to what ifs and soon I’m immersed in my own imaginations of what life would be like.

A life unaffected by the world of special needs.

But quickly, I’m jolted back to reality with the sober realization that I wouldn’t be the same. My life wouldn’t be the same. Our family wouldn’t be the same.

I wouldn’t have witnessed the beauty found in the sights I’ve learned to see it in today.

I’ve witnessed her triumphant smile after struggling to button her pajamas.

I’ve witnessed the sincere kindness and concern her brother and sister display.

I’ve witnessed the courage she displays in climbing the steps onto the school bus each day. 

I've witnessed her delight in spinning, a sense of security evident in her smile.
 I've witnessed her growth in many areas of struggles, each one defying the odds.
I've witnessed God at work in her life, God at work in my own.

I’ve witnessed beauty in the day to day moments, moments I might have otherwise overlooked had she not taught me to see.

 Because around our house, the ordinary is extraordinary.

And I see beauty in it all.

Your JourneyWhat ordinary moments are most beautiful to you? I'd love to hear so feel free to share!

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