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2013 Blogging Year in Review {This Journey Our Life}

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As those of you following along here already know, I've only posted once since April. On this last day of 2013, it's hard to believe it's already time for the {Blogging} Year in Review.  It seems like just yesterday I was sharing the Top Ten Posts of 2012.

I'm thankful for readers who still check in when writing is sparse, for followers who still embrace every post shared. These top ten posts are based upon what each of you preferred reading here throughout this past year.

 Top Viewed Posts of 2013

10. For preemie parents.  An introductory post for Parents of Preemies Day 2013.  As parents of preemies there comes a time that we are celebrated in honor of all that we have mourned.

9.  Fear of Change {A Five Minute Friday post}This post was written for a Five Minute Friday in August of 2012.  Little did I know then how God was already working, already changing.  I'm thankful that "He has made a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert."

8.  Embarking on A Journey (the day I found out my daughter was blind).  On Day 2 of the 31 Days of Support Series, I shared the moment I first realized my daughter was blind.

7.  What mama did (the embracing).  This post was written for a Five Minute Friday, following a four-day series Lisa-Jo had on her blog entitled "What Mama Did."

6.  Journey of FaithThis is the post in which I first shared the story of Cami’s premature birth; it also provided the inspiration for this blog and its name.

5.  A poem for parents of preemiesThis poem is dedicated to every parent of a preemie.  Whether you were blessed to bring your baby home, or your heart still aches with grief because you couldn’t; whether you’ve walked the NICU journey in years past or are currently trudging along its path. Today—every day—you’re celebrated. (It was also featured here on the Graham's Foundation blog for their second annual Parents of Preemies Day.)

4Walking by Faith: Our journey continues.  The post in which I shared of our plan to move to South Carolina in order for Cami to attend the SCSDB (and the last post before my blogging hiatus). From Rudy's job to Cami's transition at school, the Lord has clearly guided every footstep, providing for every need along our path. 

3. A Father's Day Poem for My HusbandThis poem was written as a gift for my husband for Father’s Day (2012) to express my gratitude for the man he is.  With the number of people brought to my blog via Google searches for "poem for husband" or "father's day poem for husband" it is no mystery why this poem remains in the same spot as last year!   =)

2.  31 Days of Support for Your Special Needs Parenting Journey.  The most viewed post for 2012, this post is a compilation of the entire series that was written and blogged for my participation in the 31 Days challenge, hosted annually by the Nester.  

1.  100 Ways You Know You're A {Special Needs} Mom.  Inspired by Lisa-Jo Baker's 100 Ways You Know You're A Mom, I asked fellow special needs moms what being a mom looked like for them.  It turns out that it looks similar for all of us!  This list  includes what real-life special needs moms shared with me, in addition to my own thoughts and ideas, all based on actual events. Take a moment to read and you'll notice an extension of the list forming in the comments too!

This year has been one filled with change, during which time it was quiet around here. I appreciate your support along the journey, and I'm eager to share with each of you who continue following This Journey Our Life throughout 2014.