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One Word 2014 {A New Year's Resolution}

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Last year was my first time participating in OneWord 365.   Instead of making an entire list of New Year's resolutions, the idea is to choose one word that will be a central theme or focus throughout the new year.

Last January, my word was a fairly easy choice because I knew that change was on the horizon for our family. With many unknowns before us, my spirit was growing restless in the waiting.

I desired to rest.  

Choosing my word for this year hasn't been as easy.  This post was beginning to collect dust from sitting in the drafts folder, and I considered not participating at all.  

Sometimes words that are slowest to come are the ones you need the most.

I looked up synonym after synonym of words that I wanted to be the center of this year. Nothing jumped out at me. In one final attempt, I decided to look up an antonym for a specific word.

This word whispers lies, haunting the heart and mind with confusion. It raises suspicions, clouding thoughts with judgment or fear. Masquerading as a refuge, its walls hold many captive.

It asks more questions than it answers.

It's a word I've carried around far too long, one that I don't want to follow me into the new year.


This year, I'm choosing to replace the doubts.

With what?

Oxford Dictionaries defines confidence as: the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust; the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.   God's Word calls it hope.

I choose confidence...

 …in my relationship with Christ, believing His love and goodness toward me.

…in my marriage, obeying His example of love.

…in my parenting, leaning on Him for strength.

…in my relationships with others, fulfilling as He calls.

…in each moment, ignoring whispers of doubt.

…in every situation, fearing the Lord, not man.

…in every circumstance, remembering His promises to me

…in His provision, knowing He will make a way.

…in every opportunity, relying on His power alone.

…in His plans for our family, abiding in His grace.

This year I choose confidence in Him.